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Nagahama cityscape

Walking around town enjoying the atmosphere of the Edo and Meiji eras
"Streetscape of Nagahama"

Nagahama is a castle town founded by Hideyoshi as the first feudal lord to own a castle. It developed as a commercial city after Hideyoshi established Rakuichi Rakuza, and during the Edo period it also flourished as a post town on the Hokkoku Kaido and a temple town for Daitsuji Temple. Even today, traces of those days remain, and Kurokabe Square, which is lined with shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes that make use of the black stucco historical building, is famous as a quaint and stylish spot. One of its attractions is the retro architecture from the Meiji era, including the former Nagahama Station building, Japan's oldest station building.

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Nagahama Otemon-dori Shopping Street is an arcade street that stretches 250m from east to west from the site of Nagahama Castle's Otemon Gate, across Kurokabe Square. It's a perfect spot to eat while walking and buy souvenirs, and is crowded with tourists and locals. Inspired by the Kabuki performance dedicated at the Hikiyama Festival, there are restaurants, miscellaneous goods stores, and other shops in front of the signboard with a Renjishi lion on it. Enjoy a variety of gourmet foods such as Nagahama's famous potato kintsuba and Nagahama ramen. The Kaiyodo Figure Museum is also popular.

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