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Chikubu Island

Chikubujima, an island of mystery and romance where the gods dwell

Chikubu Island, one of the Eight Views of Lake Biwa, is a historic island that even appeared in the Tale of the Heike. On the island, there are Hogonji Temple, which has been around since the Nara period, and Tsukubusuma (Chikubujima) Shrine, which was separated due to the ordinance separating Shinto and Buddhism in the Meiji period, and both are known as Japan's three major Benzaiten temples. On the grounds of Hogon-ji Temple is the Kannon-do Hall, which is one of the 33 Kannon Sacred Sites in Saigoku, and is visited by many people on pilgrimage. Tsukubusuma Shrine is famous for its main hall (a national treasure) that is said to be the remains of Fushimi Castle. From the Ryujin worship place, you can enjoy Kawarake throwing and a spectacular view of Lake Biwa.

Chikubu Island
Address: 1664-1 Hayasakicho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone: 0749-63-4410
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