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Nagahama Castle

Nagahama Castle, Hideyoshi's birthplace

Nagahama Castle is known as "Hideyoshi's castle of success." Hashiba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi was given most of Omi by Oda Nobunaga for his exploits in attacking Asai, and Nagahama Castle was completed around 1575 as his base. The castle was demolished with the fall of the Toyotomi clan, with only some stone walls and a well remaining, but it was restored in 1983. It is currently open to the public as a history museum, and you can see exhibits about people connected to Nagahama. You can see a panoramic view of Lake Biwa from the observation deck on the 5th floor.

Nagahama Castle
Address: 10-10 Koencho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone: 0749-63-4611
Closed days/New Year holidays, etc.
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