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Lake Biwa cruise

Touring the islands of Lake Biwa on a Lake Biwa steamship
"Lake Biwa Cruise"

A cruise on the Lake Biwa Steamship is a great way to experience the majestic Lake Biwa. Paddle steamer Michigan offers 360-degree panoramic views from the deck, as well as dining at the restaurant and cafe. We also recommend the ``Gurutto Biwako Island Tour,'' which takes you around four islands in Lake Biwa with a guide, and the ``Lake Biwa Cruise,'' which takes you around Chikubu Island. Also be sure to check out seasonal cruises such as the Halloween Fair, the Yukimi Boat Cruise, and the Osaki Sakura Cruise.

Lake Biwa cruise
■Nagahama Port
Address: 4-17 Minato-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone: 0749-62-3390
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