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Kurokabe Square

In a nostalgic landscape
``Kurokabe Square'' where you can get familiar with glass

Kurokabe Square, which is lined with shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes that utilize traditional buildings from the Edo and Meiji periods, is a must-visit place. At Kurokabe Glass Museum, you can purchase a wide variety of domestic and international glass products. Consisting of 24 stores, there are many shops that will captivate your heart, such as music boxes, miscellaneous goods, and antiques. There is also a wide variety of experience menus such as glass, ceramics, and figure painting. You can also enjoy local gourmet food made with colorful Kurokabe soft-serve ice cream and Omi beef.

Kurokabe Square
Address: 2 Kitafune-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
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``Kurokabe Square'' is a place where the atmosphere of the townscape remains, centered around the ``Kurokabe Glass Building,'' a renovated Nagahama branch of the 130th National Bank, which was known as ``Kurokabe Bank'' during the Meiji period. The name ``Kurokabe'' comes from the appearance of the bank's black plaster. In the late 1980s, we worked to revitalize the town, making use of historical buildings and incorporating the glass industry, which was a great success, and has grown into one of Nagahama's leading tourist spots, visited by 2 million people a year. It is now known as the largest exhibition area for glass art in western Japan.

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