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Handmade soba Mitani

Three types of authentic handmade soba
"Handmade Soba Mitani"

Teuchi Soba Mitani, located about a 3-minute walk from Nagahama Station, is a popular restaurant in Nagahama where you can enjoy authentic handmade soba noodles. We grind domestically produced buckwheat into flour in-house and offer three types: ``Seiro'', ``Inaka Soba'', and ``Thickly Soba''. The ``Two Kinds of Seasoned Seasonings'' where you can enjoy bamboo steamer and Inaka Soba is a delight for soba lovers. The ``Seasonal Substitute Gozen'', which comes with seasonal tempura and small side dishes, is also popular. At night, it operates as an izakaya, where you can enjoy specialties unique to a soba restaurant, such as homemade soba tofu and soba gaki. We also have banquet courses.

Handmade soba Mitani
Address: 1-6 Asahicho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone: 0749-63-0003
Closed: Mondays and 3rd Tuesdays
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