Fukuoka Domain (2/2)Ruled by the Kuroda family

Fukuoka domain

Kuroda family crest “Kuroda Wisteria”

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Fukuoka Domain (1600-1871)
Fukuoka Prefecture
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fukuoka castle

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While he was the lord of the domain, he was struck by the Great Kyoho Famine, but he took measures to minimize the damage by taking measures against the poor. His reign lasted for 50 years, but in his later years his eldest and third sons died one after another, leaving him without a successor, so he adopted Hayanosuke, a cousin of the 10th shogun, Ieharu Tokugawa. This is where the Kuroda family lineage ended.

However, his adopted son, Haruyuki Kuroda, died young at the age of 30 shortly after becoming the 7th lord of the domain, Harutaka Kuroda, the 8th lord of the domain who had been adopted at the end of his life, also died of illness at the young age of 29, and furthermore, the 9th lord of the domain, Yoshitaka Kuroda. passed away at the age of 19.

Kuroda Masakiyo, the 10th feudal lord, was the first in several generations to live into his 50s. Philipp Franz von Siebold, who was famous as a feudal lord who was devoted to Dutch studies, was a doctor at a Dutch trading post, and who later caused the Siebold Incident, is said to have had a wide-ranging conversation with him, from medicine to flora and fauna, world geography, and cultural customs. Records remain. They also encouraged performing arts such as kabuki and puppet theater, and tried to rebuild their finances by holding a lottery, but these efforts were unsuccessful. He wrote books such as ``Gakyo'', ``Duck Sutra'', and ``Shunen Shinano Nihakan'', which shows that he was also a bird lover.

Nagahiro Kuroda, the 11th lord of the Satsuma domain, was related to Nariaki Shimazu, the 11th lord of the Satsuma domain, and is known for being very close to him. Also, like his adoptive father, Kuroda Narikiyo, he was a feudal lord, and under the guidance of a Dutchman, he worked on building a steam engine, and received lectures on anatomy from Siebold, a doctor who returned to Japan. In addition, he is also known for reviving the domain school Shuyukan.

It is said that in 1852, when Kuroda Chosu was the lord of the domain, Perry came to sea, and Chosu, who learned of this information, sent a petition to the Tokugawa shogunate, recommending the establishment of a navy and the opening of the country. I am. Although this petition was never adopted, it is famous as an anecdote that shows Kuroda Chosusuku's sagacity.

Additionally, in 1865, he carried out a crackdown called the Otsuhimo Incident, and wiped out the radical loyalists. After that, he acted as an intermediary between the Satsuma domain, the Choshu domain, and the shogunate, demonstrating his great power as a hidden driving force behind the Meiji Restoration. He was succeeded by Nagatomo Kuroda, the 12th lord of the domain, but he passed on the headship of the family in 1888, and it is said that Nagatomo Kuroda was the last lord of the domain.

Nagatomo Kuroda went to England as a member of the Iwakura Mission, graduated from Harvard University, and after returning to Japan made many contributions to Japanese education, including building an elementary school in Tokyo.

Fukuoka domain summary

The Kuroda family continued to rule the Fukuoka domain throughout the Edo period. The 11th generation, Kuroda Chosusuki, was known as a great ruler, and although he was not in the public eye, he was a behind-the-scenes figure who ensured that the restoration of imperial rule went smoothly. One of his descendants is Nagare Kuroda, who was the 14th head of the Kuroda family and served as president of the Ornithological Society of Japan.

The real estate company Josui Kosan was founded by Nagataka Kuroda, the grandson of Nagare Kuroda. Mr. Kuroda is the 16th generation head of the Kuroda family, and although he lives in Tokyo, he often visits Fukuoka Prefecture and interacts with local residents.

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