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The castle we visited this time
"Karatsu Castle"

The symbol of Karatsu floating on the sea. The observation deck of the five-story castle tower is famous as a scenic spot.

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Makoto Tabuchi (Karatsu immigrant)
Makoto Tabuchi (Karatsu immigrant)
Moved to Karatsu from Fukuoka Prefecture in 2018.
In 2019, we opened the glamping facility Base Camp Ebisu. It has become a popular leisure facility where you can enjoy Karatsu ingredients, enjoy marine activities such as sea kayaking and SUP, and try a tent sauna.
Also, six months after moving there, we held a summer festival event in Higashikaratsu, which was a huge success with live performances by famous artists.
During the coronavirus pandemic, we are developing processed foods and products that reduce waste, and operating an online shop.
Among them, ``Oyster Caviar'' made from Karatsu oysters and rapeseed seeds won a special award at the Japan Treasure Grand Prix National Competition.
From 2023, we will start yacht glamping where you can ride on the sea using the power of the wind and view Karatsu Castle from the sea.
He is also active as a member of the festival band "HareHare".
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