Approximately 7 minutes by car

Karatsu Castle

Karatsu Castle, the symbol of Karatsu floating on the sea

Karatsu Castle, facing the Genkai Sea, was built over seven years by Hirotaka Terasawa, the first lord of the Karatsu domain. It is also called ``Maizuru Castle'' because the castle tower and the pine fields extending east and west look like a crane spreading its wings. The observation deck of the five-story castle tower newly built for sightseeing is famous as a scenic spot! In addition to the view of the lush Genkai Sea and Niji-no-Matsubara, one of Japan's three major pinelands, you can also see the entire city of Karatsu. It is also famous for its cherry blossoms, wisteria, and autumn leaves.

Karatsu Castle
Address: 8-1 Higashijonai, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
Phone: 0955-72-5697
Closed: December 29th to 31st
Karatsu castle stone wallKaratsu Castle 2Karatsu castle gateKaratsu Castle 3Karatsu Castle 4The view from the observation deck

We recommend viewing the area around Karatsu Castle from the sea or river. Why not take a photo of Karatsu Castle as seen from the water? ?

Karatsu Castle from the bridgeKaratsu Castle from the seaKaratsu Castle from the sea 2Karatsu Castle BridgeKaratsu Castle from the riverKaratsu Castle stone wall 2

Karatsu Castle is also famous for its cherry blossoms. There are photo spots all over the place where you can take pictures of the castle, so be sure to find them!

Sakura and Karatsu CastleCherry blossoms and Karatsu Castle 2Cherry blossoms and Karatsu Castle 3