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Bansenso (former Matsui family residence)

A villa with a rich international flavor built by a trader
"Bansenso (former Matsui family residence)"

Bansenso is a villa built on a hill in 1926 by Kunigoro Matsui, who amassed great wealth through trade. The three-story wooden building is made of hemlock and ebony, and is a combination of Sukiya-zukuri and traditional Shoin-zukuri. The hallway is made of 20 single planks of Southeast Asian South Sea wood, a balcony that was rare at the time, and a roof tile with the initials "K.M" designed on it, giving it a sense of international playfulness. You can enjoy natural scenery such as Garyu-buchi and Kameyama from the window.

Address: 317 Yuzuki, Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture
Phone: 0893-23-9156
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
Closed: December 29th to 31st
Bansenso (former Matsui family residence) 2Bansenso (former Matsui family residence) 3Bansenso (former Matsui family residence) 4