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Shiraishi udon shop

A long-established hand-pulled udon shop near the castle
"Shiraishi Udon Shop"

Shiraishi Udon Store, a long-established udon restaurant that has been around since 1937, is a famous store that often has long lines to enjoy hand-stretched udon noodles. The combination of hand-stretched udon noodles with different textures and gentle soup stock is loved by locals. The recommended dish is the ``meat udon'' with green onions and burdock, which is said to be sweet and delicious. You can also order Ehime's local dish ``Jakoten''. Inari sushi and somewhat nostalgic Chinese noodles are also popular dishes.

Shiraishi udon shop
Address: 880-12 Ozu, Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture
Phone: 0893-24-2614
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