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The castle we visited this time
"Osaka Castle"

A famous place in Osaka that is visited by many tourists. It is a popular place for relaxation not only for tourists, but also for local residents, with runners running around the castle, viewing the plum blossoms and cherry blossoms in the spring, and the autumn leaves in the fall.

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Nouchi Hanamine
Hanamine Nonouchi (Swordfighter, representative of Sukedachi-ya Juhachiban)
Due to the influence of his father, who is a swordfighter, he began seriously learning swordfighting techniques from the age of eight.
He founded the sword fighting group ``Sukedachi-ya Juhachiban'' and has appeared on numerous stages, events, and in the media in various regions.
He also provides sword fighting instruction to theater companies and entertainment productions. The total number of followers on SNS exceeds 70,000.
In 2017, an overseas sword fighting performance was held at the Astana International Expo "JAPANDAY" held in Kazakhstan in order to attract the Osaka Expo. Overseas performance in Spain in 2019.
He teaches sword fighting online in countries around the world and conveys his charm.
He works hard every day with a passion to play the role of passing on Japan's traditional culture and arts to the next generation, not only throughout the country but also to the world.
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