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Ninomiya Houtoku Shrine

Near Odawara Castle,
Ninomiya Hotoku Shrine, dedicated to Ninomiya Sontoku

Ninomiya Houtoku Shrine is a historic shrine dedicated to Odawara's great man, Ninomiya Sontoku. You can pray for a variety of things, such as praying for a safe delivery, visiting the shrine for the first time, visiting the Shichi-Go-San Shrine, coming of age, warding off bad luck, warding off misfortune, academic success, passing exams, and traffic safety.

Ninomiya Houtoku Shrine
Address: 8-10 Jonai, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture (inside Odawara Castle Ruins Park)
Phone: 0465-22-2250
Closed/No holidays
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